Sunday, August 15, 2010

Received a shocked SMS at 12.14am (16/8/2010)

This morning I received a shocked sms from a close friend, the sms read as "my uncle is terminally ill with liver cancer, now at hospital in perak. I'm glad myself and family here with him". I felt so sad and am blanked at that moment, I dunno what to reply to my friend's sms while am still half awake due to the tune of sms alert me. I know everyone will leave the world & it's the matter of "when" ??? Life is short, please work hard, enjoy hard and do something meaningful in life to create good karma as a good human being. Fulfilled your responsiible and always perform prayer to stay peace and harmony.

Hope my friend uncle rest in peace, condolence to the family for the lost :(

God blessed all of them to continue stay happily !!!

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