Sunday, August 15, 2010

Received a shocked SMS at 12.14am (16/8/2010)

This morning I received a shocked sms from a close friend, the sms read as "my uncle is terminally ill with liver cancer, now at hospital in perak. I'm glad myself and family here with him". I felt so sad and am blanked at that moment, I dunno what to reply to my friend's sms while am still half awake due to the tune of sms alert me. I know everyone will leave the world & it's the matter of "when" ??? Life is short, please work hard, enjoy hard and do something meaningful in life to create good karma as a good human being. Fulfilled your responsiible and always perform prayer to stay peace and harmony.

Hope my friend uncle rest in peace, condolence to the family for the lost :(

God blessed all of them to continue stay happily !!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A 180 degree changed in me & my lifestyle.

I used to be a very quiet person without life exposure. I felt I need to break through my fear in life and build my confident in order to achieve my dream. I sit back and think what make me decided to make a big change in me and my lifestyle compared to the past like "Katak di bawah tempurung". Life is short and tough, why don't I do something to fill the colors of my life ??? begin from the moment I conquered mount kinabalu. This achievement really make me feel so proud of myself and whatever wish I make during the moment I stand at the peak. It's almost all become reality by now....thanks god for protecting me and allowed me to fulfilled my dream in life.
Am not a born sportman, I learn how to swim at the very much later age but still not too late. My swimming instructors have taught me different methods of swimming strokes till I upgraded from being a non swimmer become a life saver.
In life, whatever happened it's always have a reason. Few years ago, I went for a trip with a group of friends from Audit Negara to Mulu cave in sarawak. Some of my friends doesn't know how to do water treading and they're brave enough to swim at the river below clear water cave. Out of sudden, all of them needed..."tolong...tolong". I thought they were playing around or just got a cramped. I heard another friend shouted at me....luvis....go go them. They're struggling since 10 mins ago. OMG !!! Without thinking my own risk, I rush to safe few of them. This is really scary, I almost drowning bcoz I approached the victim from front instead of dive into few meters and grab from the back of the victim. I was extremely lucky to safe a life and the remaining 3 persons floating to the surface from being grabbed by the first victim I have safe. The trip almost turn into tragedy, we are really fortunate that no one is hurt. Imagine more than 40 ppl at the same scene but just standing by not helping including those rangers and boatman....real bad experience for me.
After the bad nightmare, I decided to proceed all the test of life saving and become an instructor. Subsequently I took up international life saving, international open water surf and beach lifeguarding and open water diving course. Am not bother about the qualifications, the most important things in life is the skills that obtained through practical can be used in the future to safe ppl life.
Till year of 2008, my best friend (Bukhari) pursuaded me to sign up for Kapas Marang International Swimathon. This's a marathon swim race which required to swim across open sea 6.5km under strong current. I felt like commiting suicide when swimming alone in the open sea, why am I being so brave to swim across ocean without any kayak around me??? This's really crazy....madness !!! X bagitahu mak pulak tu...gosh !!! I sign up this without being honest to my parent. Imagine anything happen to me....HABIS !!! No wonder I can't complete the swim for twice I had tried and being a "DNF" is not a matter for me. As long as I have the MADNESS experience....haha.
After the first experience of swimming in the open sea, my friend asked me to become a relay swimmer for a veteran cyclist in the triathlon race which required to do 3 types of discipline (Swim-Bike-Run) for a durations of 4 hrs given to qualify for the finishing medals. I never heard of "Triathlon" race before in my life and not even know anything about "TRIATHLON" & "IRONMAN". I just thought Ironman is a movie title...LOL
From time to time, I get to know more friends through many activities I have participated. I started to realized the important of health, I understand ppl doing tri and ironman not only for self-achievement but it's also test our physical and mental to determine the destiny in any race. As I said, am not a sportman. I used to go for jogging every weekend but the longer distance I can do is up to 3km only then go for breakfast with friends. After all, why should ppl being so consistent to wake up in the early morning before sunrise just to run ??? Better to sleep much longer than wake up early, right ??? I met few friends at tasik shah alam and they are trying to "Poison" me to participate in the running race. In my heart I just think why should I pay so much for the running race??? To torture myself during the run and suffered legs pain just to fight for the finishing medal. This is really ridiculous ???
I decided to give it a try, the more I run the more I felt the pain....o.....noooooo....and the worst things is I hate to see ppl overtake me or passes by. I felt myself being left behind and worried myself will be the last person to enter finishing line....very kiasu & pressure !!! Cisssssss...I didn't wish to continue to do all this painful activities. It takes me awhile to think the reason of why so many ppl are into running, cycling and swimming including doing triathlon and ironman. I asked myself am I doing it just to follow ppl step or just to filled up my leisure time ??? Finally I have my own answer....I want to stay healthy, focus and determine. To do all this tough sport it required time to train not for the sick of doing it. The more I train I get satisfaction in any race I participated. It's not about winning but it's about the satisfaction and companionship to make my life more colorful. In another words, it can motivate and determine from different ways.
The changes in me till today is much better compared to the past, I feel proud of myself that I'm still able to do any sports. I'll continue to enjoy my life and stay healthy.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Really sick

I was sick during the last weekend and doctor gave MC to me on monday (21/4/08). After taking medicines recovered for 2 days. Last night the fever came unbearable when whole body aching due to fever, this morning woke up but the fever getting worst. I felt guilty if I took medical leave again today so just fight with my immune system and go to work.
Took commuter train to work and slept through the journey before arriving at Bank Negara. Feel restless if I didn't manage to finish my work today. Monday and Friday was the busier day for me to release those orders to be scheduled during the weekend where operations staff worked on alternate saturday.
Busy till lunch, Azlan called me to join them for lunch with Ben and Jun. Tengah sakit teruk ni lagi nak ajak makan pizza...uish ! I went to meet them at Maju Junction Pizza Hut but too late for me to say "NO" because they have ordered for me so just eat lor.
Back from lunch, drop by at the nearby clinic. Doctor take a check on me and said I'm still fever..hehe. Kalau doctor tahu Saya makan pizza tadi...habis mesti kena marah :-) Somehow it's already nearly 2.30pm, doctor granted me a half day MC...laaaa...dah kerja 3/4 hari pun.
Back to office, I pass the MC to my boss for signatory. Guess what ? My boss said you look ok to me, I replied : Yah, i just got fever since last night and feel whole body aching now. My close buddy (mud) came to my office to pick me up and sent me home..really thanks to him, so much caring :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gloomy for a moment

Today everything look so quiet even the sky also look so gloomy in a sudden then one hour later back to normal.

This picture taken around 3.29pm

One hour later back to normal

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Condolence to my best friend

I was shocked to received a sms at 3.50am on saturday morning from my close malay buddy saying his father has pass away due to Asthma attack. I even woke my mum up to informed. I felt so sympathy for my friend, his respectful father never re-marry after the wife has pass away so many years. He even work hard and take care of 3 children at home. The eldest son is my close buddy, his youngest brother is graduate in architect but unfortunately last september his spinal was infected by virus and make him can't walked till today.

I attended his father funeral in the morning of saturday, I'm the only chinese among all my malay buddies. I couldn't hold back my tears too by seeing my friend lost his father.

God bless u and your family, my close buddy (mud). Hope the 3 of your in the family are given more strenght by the god and bless with bright destinations.

Kapas-Marang International Swimathon 2008

It was a yearly swimathon event organised by the state government of Terengganu. All of my friends already plan a year ahead to brush up and improved their time on swimming. I'm the only one who knew last minute about their participate. I just follow to sign up without having enough time to do training at all.
We have 9 people in our team ( 8 males and 1 female ), 7 of them drive from Klang to Terengganu, myself and my best friend (Bukhari) go by bus. We arrived in marang at 4am and my friend went for prayer in the masjid, myself just sit outside masjid to wait for my friend until he finished perform his prayer.
We walked to the marang jetty just behind the masjid. Wah..noticed the sky look so beautiful before sunrise. Here are some nice pictures taken :-

After breakfast, we adjourned to register before transfered by speedboat to Pulau Kapas.

Kapas island, look at the water is so calm actually current under water is quite strong. We are going to swim from pulau kapas to pantai kelulut, marang on the next day at 7.30am..scary, tension and pressure :-( never in my life I dare to take up this challenge to swim in open sea 6.5km under strong current not considering the deep sea and the scary sea creatures. Oh my godness, it's really a spirit challenge. Dah sign up pun, terpaksa cuba jer la...

It's not all about the money but is the spirit challenge is come in place. Think back how many people dare to swim at open sea under strong current and sting by those sea creatures?

The light house

The beautiful island of Kapas

This'll be the kayak boat to use by the rescuer tomorrow

Oh..nooooo...the race will be start in 1 hour, after breakfast. We check out from the chalet at 6.30am and proceed to second registration and body marking for individual registration no.

Our team

Upon waiting for the race to start, lily gan ( The only female in our team) who called by NTV 7 to describe about pulau kapas in mandarin..sempat lagi interview...hehe. She's one of the participant who managed to complete the 6.5km swimathon..syabas to her :-) A strong female who worried so much about the ocean current, jelly fish and deep sea earlier.

The finishing medal

I think I should said if swimmers win in this competition, I don't feel proud of them except this OKU team is the one who I respect the most. All of them make it to finishing line with either a pair of hand or a pair of legs.

Congratulations to our Mr.Han, the veteran championship who won prizes and cash of RM1000.

Congratulations to all the participants who managed to swim till finishing line. See your next year !

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Prayers for Cheng Meng

Prayers for Nenek and Atuk ( Cheng Meng )

Today woke up at 6am, drive mum to go for cheng meng prayers at my Nenek and Atuk grave. I was prepared to face the jam but didn’t expect it would be so bad, stranded in the car for more than 3 hours…terrible. Tak breakfast lagi tu, kesian my mum :-(

Terrible jammed

Reaching the place, car can’t go up to the hill, not much choice I have :-( I parked my car and walked to find my nenek & atuk grave. So many years I didn’t visited their grave since I move to my new house…find and find…couldn’t find. I’m so worry because the whole place was so much changes…so much worried…sweating under the hot sun. I asked my mum to wait for me from far with an umbrella so she don’t have to walked with me since my car can’t drive up due to the jammed. As I walked and find under the hot sun, my mum was looking at me from far till I found. It take me almost 45minutes to find, I almost lost and almost cry if I can’t find since I come so far….keep praying and speak out “Atuk..Nenek..where are you? Let me find your grave. I almost drop my tear”. The moment I found my grandparent grave I’m so happy. Below is the pictures I took from my grandparent grave. so nice..still maintained clean :-)

Nice crafting still maintain clean

Nice view in front of my grandparent grave

My mum told me that “kesian anakku, sweating like shower when searching for my grandparent grave". At least I managed to find kalau tak risau giler.