Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BBP Family day at Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat

On 18/1/2008 (Friday), I'm looking forward to join the very first BBP family gathering in 2008 at Sg.Congkak, Hulu Langat. I never been to this place before...offcourse feel very excited..Dun have to ask..knowing that I like nature very much especially camping or stay in chalet surrounding by green or jungle..hehe.
Actually my company is organising a new year dinner for all our clients, auditors, suppliers, lawyers and customers on the same day. As usual, I'll try not to attend because I dun enjoy drinking or eating those oily foods which content of high fat. Eeeeee...terrible..very unhealthy, imagine you eat and drink with liquor. My boss was asking why I never attend every year, I just smiled to him and said "Sorry boss, I dunno how to entertain businessman, I feel that whether if I'm joining or not, it doesn't matter. Anyway, all the bosses is there to share and talk about business matter" so I added that I can't make it anyway because I'm going outstation...hehe.
That's was the good reason to escape from going for dinner with them...hahaha.

Syafiq called me to ask when I'll be arriving in his home, bernard called me and said Abg Azlam asked to buy some snack foods...aiyo ! Last minutes :-) I left my office around 6.30pm, start my journey from my office to Kajang to pick up Aie first..u know what ? Ben told me he doesn't know how to navigate me to aie hse..Fainted ! I have to approach Sg.Besi road by ONLY looking at Kajang signboard. In fact, I almost lost in kajang but ended up turn into a small town which nearby aie hse..called aie to come out and meet me.

After packing, upload stuffs..plus bla..bla..bla, we headed to Tesco Kajang to buy some snack foods, breads, mineral waters..etc before pick up syafiq at his home. After arrived in syafiq hse, re-arranged those equipments, canvas, can drinks and bbq stuffs. Around 9.30pm only we start our journey to Sungai Congkak with Budlee & V.

Aiyo..unbearable..I was so hungry..can't speeding because the road is so winding and bumpy. Finally arrived in the only restaurant nearby Sg.Congkak..god blessed..still open at 10.30pm. After late dinner ( late supper), we headed to our chalet. Ops! u know what? The guard/ranger only allow us to drive in 2 cars even though we have booked a bungalow earlier..pity Budlee forced to parked his mercedes-benz outside..hopefully nothing happen on the next day.

After check into chalet, all of us trying on bubur durian/durian dessert, it was prepared by Kak Zirah..Mmmmm...Kak zirah, you are so loving...thanks so much. After hanging around and chatting with them, those who felt tired by now already going to bed. Left only myself, Abg azlam, ben, syafiq and Aie still not asleep yet. We go for a night walk to check out on the location that booked by Abg Azlam for next day event.

Wah...so windy, cold and sleepy..there was a group of students also doing camping here. Some is still playing guitar in the middle of the night, some chit chatting with friends. We'll just look around. After briefing by Abg Azlam about the arrangement tomorrow..what's more ? go back to chalet and sleep laaaaaaaaaa. :-)

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